Renewable Energy


ENERCAP assists developers, investors, public authorities, regulators for renewable energy projects and strategies, mainly

  • Solar PV
  • Biomass
  • Wind energy

Assistance in the development of renewable projects

ENERCAP supports you at all stages of your project

  • Opportunity and feasibility studies
  • Economic and financial modelling
  • Assistance for the development and structuring of projects
  • Search for industrial and financial partners
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Search for financing and/or third party investors
  • Assistance to the project owner for the call for tenders, negotiation and contracting with an industrial partner.


Biomass is the most widespread renewable energy source in the world. It offers many advantages, such as its availability, its storage, and its capacity to be transformed into different energies such as heat, gas, electricity, and biofuels. ENERCAP and its partners bring their expertise to study and implement solutions for the valorisation of biomass: electricity or steam production, cogeneration, biogas plant, biofuel or gasification unit.


The development of solar PV energy has reduced the final cost of electricity. This increased competitiveness has led to a large penetration of PV in the energy mix of many countries, including in Africa. ENERCAP has developed a complete and specific expertise on solar PV projects and has been assisting governments and IPPs since 2009 in the development, structuring, contracting and project management of solar power plants on the ground or on the roofs of large buildings.


Wind energy can have a significant and interesting potential for the electricity mix in some areas of Africa. ENERCAP supports you in all phases of the development, economic and financial evaluation, structuring and contracting of the wind project.