Gas to Power

Alongside renewable energy, natural gas is set to play a major role in the energy transition and in the energy mix of many countries.

The recent high rate of natural gas discoveries in Africa in recent years has highlighted the role of natural gas in achieving the objectives of developing the electricity sectors and improving access to electricity.

ENERCAP is one of the leading consultants for Gas to Power projects in Africa and is involved in

  • Development of Gas to Power strategies, based on domestic natural gas or imported LNG resources
  • Technical and economic analysis
  • Modelling and financial analysis of Gas to Power projects, including transport, storage and power generation for example.
  • Project management assistance, Owner’s Engineer, technical, financial and strategic support

ENERCAP assists governments, utilities, regulators, developers or investors in Africa in their Gas to Power projects.

Gas pipelines and CCGT

ENERCAP assists you in all aspects of gas to power projects and relies on its recognised expertise in gas pipelines, but also in CCGT projects (Combined Cycle Gas Turbines).

ENERCAP is involved from the design phase through to commercial operation and operation:

  • Feasibility or preliminary studies
  • Development
  • Structuring
  • Contracting Gas transport pricing and agreement (GTA) and Power Purchase agreement (PPA), but also of contracts with external and technical partners (EPC, O&M)
  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Commissioning tests and COD