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Consulting & Training

Consulting & Training

A pragmatic, techno-economical advisory approach to your projects

ENERCAP has developed a sound expertise for strategic studies and consulting in Energy policy and strategies for states and companies such as:


  • Feed-in tariff; PPA construction and negotiation
  • Liquefied Natural Gas and Gas Projects
  • Combined Cycle Gas Turbine
  • Carbon strategies, GHG reduction plan, GHG emission assessment
  • Energy efficiency, energy consumption reduction plan, demand side management, demand response
  • Renewable energy , potential assessment, corporate strategy
  • Green strategies and communication

Tailored training to suit your needs


“Understanding the strategic challenges of climate change and its impact on my business”

ENERCAP has developed customized training on carbon strategy, carbon footprint, carbon financing, deployment of CDM projects and more.

Training examples related to problematic drawn by our clients are :

  • Acquire the basics of Greenhouse Gases, Energy utilization and Climate Change
  •  Understand what is a Carbon Footprint, of either activities or products
  •  Identify opportunities and risks of my business