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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

A technical & economic expertise of renewables

ENERCAP has extensive expertise on renewable energy, we work in particular on :

  • Strategy studies
  • Environmental and social impact studies
  • Feed-in tariffs
  • Prefeasibility
  • Economic modeling of solutions
  • Search for industrial partners
  • Search for financing and/or third-party investors
  • Assistance to the project management for the tender, the negotiation and contracting with an industrial partner

We mainly cover the following renewable energies:





Biomass is the most prevalent source of renewable energy in the world. It offers many advantages, such as: its availability, storage, and ability to be processed into various energies such as heat, gas, electricity, and biofuels. ENERCAP and its partners bring their expertise to study and implement solutions for biomass valorization: boiler, cogeneration, biogas plant, biofuel or gasification unit…


Our biomass partners : CIRAD, Albioma, GPEC

Solar Energy

Solar is a future-oriented solution, especially in developing countries. Many technologies allow to enhance this inexhaustible source of energy but, for lack of funding, expertise, adequate regulatory framework, or simply support, many countries or regions fail to develop solar projects and industries. ENERCAP and its partners bring their expertise in order to make your solar projects both possible and profitable.


Our solar partners : Westech, Phaesun, VRA, INES, CEA – LITEN, Canway ltd, Albioma, GPEC

Wind Energy

When wind conditions are good, the wind is one of the most competitive renewable energy solution. ENERCAP and its partners will assist you in the definition, implementation and financing of your wind projects.





Our wind partners : GPEC, Millenium, VRA.

Previous Projects

Renewable Energy Atlas

For a central Africa country, ENERCAP designed and build a renewable energy atlas to map available resources of the country and the associated renewable energy strategy. The atlas was designed with GIS, and later developed into a web application available here.

Renewable Energy Strategy

For a central Africa country, ENERCAP assessed the RE potential, reviewed ongoing projects and developed a structured strategic plan for RE projects deployment.

Following a diagnosis, ENERCAP defined a new renewable energy strategy for approx. 200,000 people living in an African refugee camp.

Biomass Charcoal

For a south African country, ENERCAP executed a feasibility study for charcoal replacing coal in an alloys production plant. An annual 100 000 tons of charcoal coming from eucalyptus trees.

Biomass Power Plant

For a French oversea territory, ENERCAP completed a feasibility study and assisted in project development for a 35 MW biomass power plant.

Solar Energy Strategy

For a French oversea territory, ENERCAP assisted in defining a solar energy strategy including: location, technology, financing, solar energy shares within the energy mix, costs, tariffs and subsidies.