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LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)

Full assistance for your LNG import projects

Enercap has a comprehensive expertise on the entire LNG value chain. As a unique combination in energy markets, ENERCAP’s assistance focuses on studies, project structuration, owner engineering and the negotiation of LNG supply contracts covering the following topics: the construction and operation of transport, storage and regasification infrastructures, and the delivery of gas to electricity production plants. ENERCAP has the expertise to assist its clients, governments or electricity companies in the successful design and implementation of their LNG project in optimal conditions.

Our Scope of Expertise

LNG Sourcing

ENERCAP can execute the LNG market study and search for the most adapted sourcing solution for your Project. Using the most up-to-date resources available, ENERCAP will help negotiate the sourcing and procurement of LNG. This includes expert insight into the current LNG and natural gas market and more.


18 Mtpa negotiated

LNG Transport

ENERCAP will review the best possible options for LNG transport, including standard or specific vessels - based on volume, marine and market conditions. We will assess the associated cost and assist our client for the decision making process as well as to negotiate the best possible price.


20 LNGC / 2 FRSU built & refurbished

LNG Storage and Regasification

ENERCAP will help in defining the best technical solution, including both size and place. We assist clients with the ownership vs leasing solution choice. In addition, we search the market for the most adapted import terminals


15 FSRU / Onshore terminals implemented – 7 New FSRU projects at study




ENERCAP will help in defining the best technical solution, including both size and place. We assist the client with the choice and negotiation with partners.


2 Bunkering / road trucks implemented