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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Optimize system performances

For ENERCAP, energy efficiency is the key driver for an EcoProfitable™  energy strategy. Much before investing in low carbon  energy new capacity, energy efficiency options should be studied and if possible implemented.

We see the energy efficiency solutions both at production side as well as transport and consumption side.

Our Approach

ENERCAP works on various projects



☆ Cogeneration and combined cycles (CCGT)


☆ Heating networks, the reduction of transmission losses


☆ Demand Side Management (DSM)

☆ Very High Performance light bulbs

☆ Solar water-heaters

ENERCAP can assist you in


☆ Feasibility studies

☆ Potential Studies

☆ Research and deployment of the best energy solutions

☆ External financing optimization

☆ Waste management optimization

☆ Deployment of energy management systems

☆ Mobilization of stakeholders

Previous Projects

SCGT conversion

In a Western African country, ENERCAP assisted a power producer for the steam turbine portion in designing cost modelling, assessing different options and implementing a CDM process for a 370 MW CCGT.

Efficient Lighting

In a Western African country, ENERCAP worked for a UN institution and executed a feasibility study and designed cost modelling tools. We have also distributed few thousands high performance CFLs and measured the impact to the grid through hi tech monitoring devices.

Waste Heat Recovery

  • For a large steel plant in China, we executed the feasibility study and the implementation planning of a heat recovery system (300 GWh saved)
  • For a large pharmaceutical plant, ENERCAP executed the feasibility study and the financing plan (including subsidies and carbon financing) for the transformation of heat recovered into cooling energy. 50 GWh heat to cold.
  • For a large hospital in France we executed the feasibility study and designed the financing plan for the heat recovery from a neighbor cement plant. 25 GWh heat to be transferred from the plant to the hospital.

DSM Policy

For an African country, ENERCAP assisted to design the DSM policy including MEP (Minimum Energy Performance) and labelling for electrical device, regulatory framework, labelling, DSM modeling tool

DSM for Industry

For a large pulp and paper group, ENERCAP executed the feasibility study to reduce energy consumption (gas, power…)